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WorldWindFetcher Class Reference

#include <WorldWindFetcher.h>

Inheritance diagram for WorldWindFetcher:

SimpleTileStorage TileStorage

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Detailed Description

Fetcher for NASA World Wind maps

Handles and encapsulates all network stuff, authentification and downloading of tiles from NASA server. Of course, only handles loading of tiles.

should be restructured

Definition at line 36 of file WorldWindFetcher.h.

Public Member Functions

void Detach ()
void Enqueue (TilePtr tile)
void SetNextLoadStorage (TileStorage *ts)
void SetSaveStorage (TileStorage *ts)
 WorldWindFetcher ()
virtual ~WorldWindFetcher ()

Protected Member Functions

void Process (TilePtr tile)

Protected Attributes

 Storage to pass tile to for loading, if we couldn't load it.
 Storage to pass tile to for saving.

Private Attributes

wwfetch m_WWFetch

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