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Tile Class Reference

#include <Tile.h>

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Detailed Description

Base class for all earth data split into tiles.

tiles should be more abstract (so we won't need to change EarthView class to support new tiles). Think how to make it possible to introduce new tile types without changing View code, for example wi-fi hotspot data. Also dynamic tiles may be introduced (like weather data). We have endless possiblities.

Definition at line 47 of file Tile.h.

Public Member Functions

ticks_t GetAge ()
int GetLevel ()
virtual int GetType ()
int GetX ()
int GetY ()
virtual int IsLoaded ()
virtual int IsNull ()
int IsOld ()
virtual int IsReady ()
virtual int IsSaveable ()
virtual void Load (RawBuffer *data, int keep)
virtual void Null ()
virtual RawBufferReleaseRawData ()
 Tile (int x, int y, int level)
void Touch ()
virtual ~Tile ()

Protected Member Functions

unsigned int DecRef ()
unsigned int IncRef ()

Protected Attributes

int m_IsNull
 Indicates whether this tile is know to not exist.
ticks_t m_LastUsed
 Last time the tile was used.
int m_Level
 Level. Range is [0..] (actually [0..18]).
 Raw (compressed) data stored to be saved later.
unsigned int m_RefCount
 Reference counter, see SmartPtr.
pthread_mutex_t m_RefCountMutex
 Mutex to protect refcount.
int m_X
 X coordinate. Range is [0..(2^level)-1].
int m_Y
 Y coordinate. Range is [0..(2^level)-1].


class SmartPtr< Tile >

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