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FlatEarthView Class Reference

#include <FlatEarthView.h>

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Detailed Description

Flat representation of Earth.

Simplest possible earth representation. Orthogonal projection, pitch cannot be changed and north is always 'up'.

Definition at line 32 of file FlatEarthView.h.

Public Member Functions

void Animate (double delta)
virtual int Click (int x, int y, int flags)
int Drag (int fromx, int fromy, int x, int y, int flags)
 FlatEarthView (MasterLayer *ml)
void Render ()
void Resize (int width, int height)
int SingleMovement (int flags)
int StartDrag (int x, int y, int flags)
int StartMovement (int flags)
int StopMovement (int flags)
virtual ~FlatEarthView ()

Protected Attributes

int m_CurrentMovementFlags
Eye m_Eye
 Current viewer's position.
 Master layer to use.
Eye m_SavedPanEye
Eye m_SavedZoomEye
int m_ViewportHeight
 Viewport height in pixels.
int m_ViewportWidth
 Viewport width in pixels.

Private Member Functions

double AspectCorrection (double y)
double AspectCorrection ()
void NormalizeEye ()

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