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Eye Class Reference

#include <Viewpoint.h>

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Detailed Description

Coordinates of virtual `eye'.

Definition at line 30 of file Viewpoint.h.

Public Member Functions

 Eye (double nx, double ny, double nh, double norient, double npitch, double nfov)
 Eye (double nh, double nfov)
 Eye ()
Eye operator* (const double k) const
Eye operator+ (const Eye &e) const
double span ()
double xfov (double aspect)
double xspan (double aspect)
double yfov (double aspect)
double yspan (double aspect)

Public Attributes

double fov
 field-of-view angle
double h
 height above the surface - in same units as x and y
double orient
 orientation [0..2*PI] where 0 is north
double pitch
 pitch [0..PI/2] where 0 is for straight top-down view
double x
 longitude [-0.5..0.5]
double y
 latitude [-0.25..0.25]

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